OKT with a TKO

I didn’t stay up to watch the game last night…but you can bet I’ll be hitting up the Winter Olympics on Demand when I get home this evening to check out the hit that Detroit’s own Ole-Kristian Tollefsen delivered to Lubos Bartecko in last night’s quarter-final game.

Apparently, Bartecko was carried off on a stretcher and OKT got himself a one game suspension.  Promting MaryAnne Hossa to say this:

“You hate to see elbows in the face like that and that was one of the ugliest I’ve ever saw.  That guy should be suspended for a long time. It’s difficult when you see a teammate going down like that.”

I’ll wait to pass judgement until after I see the hit for myself, but I think we can all collectively say: “Shut the f**k up, Hossa.”