Oh, It’s On Now, Bubba

erat2Just received a text from my buddy on the inside:winged_wheel

“Insider”: Who is a foreign player on Nashville with blonde hair?

Me: Marty Erat?

“Insider”: Could be.  He told one of my colleagues that Zetterberg isn’t that good and we overpaid (for him)

Me: Ass.

Insider”: Yep

Ahem…overpaid for Zetterberg?  How dare he talk about our next captain that way.  We’ll have to have a picture lineup later with my buddy so we can find out the true identity of the verbal assailant.

Z, if you’re out there…shut ’em up…hard.

***UPDATED 2:00 PM EST***

The culprit has been positively identified as Marty Erat.


I found a more fitting pic of Mr. Erat.