Oh for the Love of God, Enough Already!

Being that I am in the desert, I get to hate on the Phoenix Coyote(e)s a lot. I mean, a whole hell of a lot. And it seems only fair since Andrew, now living in Chicago gets to write what amounts to a massive overdose of hate mail for the Chicago Blackhocks .

Umm…yeah, wow. That looks like a lot of hate when you string it together like that, consecutively, ignoring all hockey-related posts in between. Look, Drew, we’re only telling you this because we’re your friends but…you may have a problem. No, just kidding, #@$% Chicago. Okay so here I go:

I don’t know what could be the cure or the fix for it. Winning? They won last year, and this year they had 6,700 at a game the other night. It’s just the way it is, I think.”

Source: http://sports.yahoo.com/nhl/news;_ylt=ArQDbf8nfeuxITTeLWWQv3g5nYcB?slug=nc-coyotes110310

That’s the words of Ray Whitney. Oh yeah, he plays for the Phoenix Coyote(e)s. Who’s he talking about you ask? The Phoenix Coyote(e)s. Now, that may be hard to swallow if you’re the modern day Vincent Price; i.e. you find yourself to be The Last Coyote Fan on Earth, but it’s the truth. Their own players don’t approve of their worthless fans. But that’s okay, because you know who does?


Yup.  This guy.

It’s a disgusting but interesting article on the unfortunate situation in which the NHL finds itself. Nobody wants the g*ddam Phoennipeg Jetotes. Not even the Phoennipeg Jetotes. Least of all their fans. Yet. Gary. Persists.

Why does Gary hate hockey so much? No one knows, we only know that it coincidentally explains his hatred for the Detroit Red Wings.

Please stop, Gary.  Please, for the Love of God(s)!