Nothing is Ever Easy


Wings win 3-2 (in regulation…yeah, baby, yeah!)

I had to miss a good chunk of the game last night, unfortunately.  I had my own game to play with a 10:00 PM start time, therefore I set my DVR to record the parts that I was going to miss.

Well I did in fact, get to watch most of the third period…unfortunately, it was from the Urgent Care waiting room.  My first shift into last night’s game saw a wayward puck from the blue line blast me right in the chin.  It’s always a terrible feeling to put your hand to your face only to pull it back and see it dripping with blood.

I skated directly to the bench, grabbed the locker room key, headed off the ice to the dressing room, got changed and drove myself to the ER.  Of course, everyone and their brother was twisting ankles, dropping things on their feet, and falling out of bulldozers, and of course all of these things trump the guy sitting there bleeding from the face.

Well, at least I got to watch the last half of the third period live.  I probably sat in that waiting room for a good hour and a half before they finally called me back.  When I finally got on the doctor’s table, it was only about another 30 minutes of waiting (luckily, South Park was on) before the doctor came in fix me up.  I got home around 1:30 AM seven stitches heavier than when I left for my game.

The good news is that Detroit won, they moved up into 8th spot in the Western Conference and the H2H fund grew because of the goals that were scored.  The bad news is that I’m $6 dollars for said charitable contributions, my chin is looking pretty rough, and my fiance is PO’d big time.

Stitches come off in 5 days…then it’s time for a whole lot of cocoa butter.  I was going to post a pic of my injury…but I don’t really think you guys care to see it.