No Versus for GMs

From NHLfanhouse

According to Greg Brady, a radio host on 640-AM in Toronto, the Boca Raton, Fla. hotel where the NHL’s general managers stayed didn’t even carry Versus, forcing some disgruntled GMs out in search of somewhere to watch Monday’s thrilling Dallas-Washington game — a Stars’ shootout win.


Hey General Managers…go home and tell your owners about that.  They’re the ones that are allowing Gary Bettman and his Versus obsession to remain.  We don’t want to be a niche sport, yet our “flagship” network isn’t even carried by DirectTV, a major distributor.  I think it was in Indiana a year or two ago when my sporadic co-author, Chris had to convince a local restaurant that Versus was a real channel, because they had never heard of it (the play-offs were going on).

Chris, the GMs, and the entire state of Indiana aren’t the only ones who have had past problems…

Just last season, during the conference finals, Red Wings goalie Chris Osgood told CBC Sports that Versus wasn’t available at Detroit’s team hotel in Chicago.

“I haven’t even seen a game yet,” Osgood said. “The hotel we were in doesn’t have Versus.

“I saw a bit of the last game in a restaurant from a distance, but that was it. I put it on my phone live and try to get the updates as it goes along. I haven’t seen them, but I’ve read about them on my phone.”

Ridiculous.  Inexcusable.  Thanks, Gary. Ass.