No Longer Afraid


After Fear the Fin was trembling in their little wading boots, the Seafood is now gaining confidence having dispatched the Colorado Avalanche in 6.  They’re gaining so much confidence as to hope that Detroit actually takes out Phoenix on Tuesday, just so the Sharks can have a crack at the Wings.

From Mercury News a newspaper in Silicon Valley…

The Sharks had Sunday off, so there’s no telling how much hockey they watched on TV, or what their rooting interest might have been. Here’s a suggestion: They should be hoping hard for a shot at the Detroit Red Wings.

Crazy talk? Two weeks ago, maybe.

Two weeks ago Detroit was the hottest team in the NHL.  Two weeks ago Detroit was a different team.  Something has changed.  The inconsistency is back.  And other teams are starting to take notice and gaining confidence from it.

But the Sharks should want the challenge of beating Detroit, and they should want it now. They have never been this equipped to stand conventional wisdom on its head.

Of course, this is all a moot point if the Red Wings play like they did in Games 3 & 6.  Because they’ll be hitting the links come this weekend.

It’s do-or-die time.