No Letdown

From the Free Press this morning…

“We did a lot of good things in San Jose, but we’ve got to be cautious not to have a letdown.  We’ve got to go into New York and have that same approach. They’re not in the same position as the Sharks are, so we have to be careful not to take that for granted. Hopefully we learn from Phoenix — win a big game, you’ve got to park it and move on to the next one.”

What Stuey is talking about is how the Wings got thumped by Anaheim right after beating up on Phoenix two nights before.  They beat a play-off team and lost to a team outside the top 8.  Well, San Jose is certainly a top 8 team and the Islanders are not.  Stuart recognizes this and wants to make sure they blow this game.

The kids from Long Island have an identical record to Detroit in 2010 (3-1-0).  Their only loss came at the hands of the Dallas Stars.