No Country For Old Wings

…no representation from the Czech Republic, that is.  Here is the forward/defense roster:

Notice any Oompa Loompas missing?  I guess this one got left back in Moscow…


Ha, even Fedorov made the Russian squad.  But don’t worry, kid…with all that extra tax-free money you’re making for the next two seasons, I’m sure you can have a duplicate medal (should your country win one) be crafted.  You might even be able to pay off the record-keeping people and have your name inserted onto the roster even after the games are over.  Bitter?  No, like I said before: I don’t blame Hudler for leaving, but I can still be angry about it.

There were whispers about another former Wings, Dominik Hasek making a comeback for Vancouver, but that didn’t go through.  Pity, for better or worse: Hasek was always entertaining.

You could argue that Tomas Fleischmann is a Red Wing alum, since he was in the organ-i-zation at one point, but was traded away as part of the deal for Robert Lang (d’oh!).

And on the other side of last night’s 3-1 victory for the Czech Republic, the always useless Tomas Kopecky, who was probably part of the Slovaks deal to get Hossa signed on the team…losers!  Bitter about that?  Yes, but only about Hossa, no matter what the media tells you.