Newbury’s Send-off

Well that’s all folks.  The deadline has passed (again).  And the only move Detroit made was sending Kris Newbury to the New York Rangers for some guy I’ve never heard of.

Still…I thought it would be nice to commemorate Newbury’s departure and honor his short tenure with the Detroit Red Wings in a fun and creative way.  Thus, I wrote the following poem in honor of Kris Newbury’s passing (as a Red Wings):

Newbury…oh Newbury…

With eyes so sad and dead.

You left as quickly as you came.

You looked so good in red.


Newbury…oh Newbury…

Your PIMS out-weighed your play

A goal in 4 games won’t suffice

New York is where you’ll stay.


Newbury oh…Newbury…

You were our only move.

The Red Wings are healthy again

And Kenny’s in the groove.


I think all poetry should be italicized.