New CMU Coach a Wings Fan

Just like in the summer time, when Red Wings news gets slow, we have to dig into the obscure.  I found this little ditty about the new football coach at Central Michigan University at Central Michigan Life:

The interview was conducted by sports editor, Andrew Stover…

Stover: You grew up in Dearborn, right outside of Detroit. What was your favorite sports team, now, growing up? You said you were a Wings fan.

Enos: I like all of them, but my brother (Gary) and I, huge Red Wings fans. My wife (says) constantly, “Are you talking about the Red Wings again?”

He texted me this morning, “Wings tonight.” So we always know when they’re on. We watch them, so (we’re) avid there.

Well, there you have it.  Dearborn natives are a…unique bunch.  But hey, they brought us the likes of Brian Rafalski and John Vigilante.

It’s always nice to find Wings fans in unusual places, isn’t it?