Much Ado About Franzen

While we’re waiting on the word from Stuey’s check-up today, let’s talk about a certain winged_wheelsomeone we’re all dying to have back in the goal-starved Detroit lineup.  The Detroit News points out an interesting issue that is rapidly approaching…

When Franzen gets back, the Wings will have to clear approximately $1.5 million is salary to get below the cap. Again, Holland hasn’t given any indication as to how he might do that.

I’m thinking that means bye-bye to Abdelkader.  Even though he leads the team in hits and has been showing marginal improvement over the season, most of us agreed that he would be better served getting the big minutes in Grand Rapids.  That still means someone else would have to go down (or be moved) as well…but who?

Tell you what, you guys can discuss in the comment section or else we’ll just worry about that later.

Franzen would like to be back in time to get 5 games in before the Olympic Break, which begins in about a week and a half.  Here’s the Mule’s thought process about when he should return…

“If I get those games in I get over that little bump you always get in the beginning and then I’m on the same pace as the other guys when we come back from the break.  On the other hand if I rest two more weeks then I get to heal up two more weeks. Were going to talk about it yet.”

So two questions are raised from this article:

  1. Who gets moved out of the lineup to free up our Cap Space?
  2. Would you rather have a rested/rusted or rushed return Franzen?