More Hockey Canada Love

We already knew that Hockey Canada loved them some Red Wings hockey (except for Brian Rafalski as of this morning).  They hired one of our vice-presidents, our general manager, our head coach, and apparently a few fans along the way as well.

Canada’s Olympic Women’s Team forward Meghan Agosta told the Windsor Star about how she brought her #40 Henrik Zetterberg Red Wing jersey to Vancouver with her, in case she got a chance to meet the Swedish sniper.

She got her chance:

“I was at the (cafeteria) with (teammate) Jayna Hefford.  So we’re sitting there and all of the sudden, Jayna has this weird look on her face. I’m like, ‘What?’ She said, ‘He just walked in.’ I turned around and he was there.  I walked back with the jersey and got him to sign it,” Agosta said. “I was pretty shy to ask (Zetterberg) because I don’t want to bother those guys.”

Easy, Meghan…you’re cute and all, but you’re no Emma.  Sorry.

And this has been yet another installment of “Obscure Red Wings Fan Discovery”.  I hope you enjoyed finding out that our fandom knows no bounds.