Mikey Mo is P.O.’d

Last night, Khan(!) reported that Babbles and Mike Modano exchanged text messages after Mo had his wrist surgery…

“He’s not doing good.  But life’s full of things that get you down. You just got to make sure those momentary downspills are just that — momentary — and get on with it.  As soon as he gets his head around, he’ll be back engaged and training hard physically, so he’ll be better when he gets back.  It’s going to be a process for him. You’re probably looking at a minimum of two months.”— Mike Babcock

Poor Mikey.  Franzen could probably tell you that attitude is everything when it comes to rehab and recovery…of course Mo has a few years on the Mule.

This morning, the Free Press reported that Modano’s arm will be immobilized for at least eight weeks.  They were also able to provide this picture and get the words straight from the horse’s mouth (and no, that wasn’t a poke at Modano’s teeth…okay – maybe a little):

“I’d be devastated if my career ends like this,” he said. “Hopefully I can come back and play. But this has been a real bummer.”

Hang in there, Mikey…at least you still have Willa to lick your wounds.