Modano Keeps It Upbeat – Hopes to Return in March

He’s forty and has to have his mother cut his steak for him, but the future all star should return in March to the Wings.

“The opportunity will still be there in March when I come back,’’ Modano said. “That time of year is always exciting and fun, the opportunity to take one more last run at it. The skill level of the team is certainly going to be the same. Hopefully (I’ll) come back well-rested, in good shape, feeling good, positive about that time of year.’’

The good news is that he should be 100%.  Good to hear. 

How much you want to bet that Holland mentions Modano as being the team’s trade deadline acquisition? I think if we are going to see anything great out of Mikey-Mo, it’s going to be when it matters.  He’s done the regular season grind a few years in a row now without payoff.  Glad we will be able to see him when it matters.