Mmmm Beer

Beer beer.  So delicious.  So good in fact that Benjamen Franklin took time away from inventing and throwing game to the ladies to say:

Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.

Agreed, God really is great.  So today, Puck Daddy took a look at the beer cost index of teams across the league and here is what they came up with for the Molsons and Miller Lights at the Joe:

Ticket Price Beer Cost (oz) Cost/Oz Beer Drinker Cost Per Period


$6.00 (12)



The last column is the cost of a beer plus 1/3 of the ticket price.  What’s that Mr. Pronger?  Why one third you ask? Because, you see, there are three periods in a game, so if you want to figure out the cost of 1/3 of ticket price.  You can just take the ticket price and divide it by three using this calculator.  No Chris, you don’t eat it, now take it out of your mouth.  And Mr. Kane, it shouldn’t be 5 beers per period and then the 1/3 of the cost of the bail amount.  Now look both of you, shiny red ball!

Anyways, that’s actually pretty high for the league, as only the Canadians, Predators and Blue Jackets have a higher cost per ounce.  Strangely enough, the pole smokers (Edit: 2:17PM) kind hearted, cross-dressing folk over in Colorado have the lowest beer cost per ounce at $.26 per ounce.  Guess there is one decent thing about the Avs after all.

UPDATE(!) 2:14PM: Per “Joe the Drinker” in the comments with some advice from someone who’s clearly a veteran:

Everyone knows you should just buy a 24oz 7.3abv Molson XXX for $8.75. Do the math and the alcohol equivalence is $.21 per oz. You’re welcome.