Mitten Dwellers Make Olympics

So Brian Rafalski may be your favorite Michigander to make Team USA for the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver.  But he certainly isn’t the only “guy from the glove” that’s donning the red, white, and blue for America.  Check this out…

  • Ryan Miller (East Lansing)
  • Jack Johnson (Ann Arbor)
  • Ryan Kesler (Livonia)
  • Tim Thomas (Flint-Davison)
  • Tim Gleason (Clawson)

And here I was thinking that nothing good ever came out of Clawson.  If Modano had been selected, we would have had 7 guys on the team from this state.  Not too shabby.

No love for the West Side?  I thought that Mike Knuble (East Kentwood) would still have enough in the tank to help the USA.  But apparently Burkie thinks otherwise.

And why is Jenison still showing up on a map that is zoomed out this far?