MIller/Quick Controversy

Perhaps I’m a little late to this party, but did you all hear about the IOC putting the smackdown on USA goalies Ryan Miller and Jonathon Quick’s backplate on their goalie masks?  Here’s a snippet from

Miller and fellow American goaltender Jonathan Quick were ordered to remove certain words from their masks that were believed to be in violation of International Olympic Committee rules.

Miller has “Miller Time” painted on the back of the mask, and Quick has “Support our Troops.”

IOC rule number 51 bans advertising, propaganda, and demonstrations.

Miller covered “Miller Time” with tape and the word “USA”.

Alright, whatever you say, IOC.  “USA Time” sounds a lot better anyway.  Maybe Quick should change that sword into a giant middle finger…so long as it covers up “Support Our Troops”.

Not trying to get into a political debate here…just passing along what I read/hear about.  Miller was allowed to keep the slogan “Matt Man” on his mask, which is a tribute to his cousin who lost his battle with cancer.

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