Meech and the Playoffs (if they get there)

Thank god last night only happened in my head.  No way the Wings lost to a team that was the worst in the league last year 6-0.  That would never happen…not with Nick at the helm and Z and Dats up front.  Happy thoughts. Never happened.  Shut up.

Two things, one positive, one negative.

  • Yesterday I posted a statistic showing the Wings having a ridiculously terrible record against non-playoff teams.  I forgot to look at the bright side, which I am trying to do today.  The bright side is damn bright too, the kind you need sunglasses for.  And not the gas-station kind, the expensive ones that blocks UVA, UVB and UVZ rays.

    Against playoff teams, the Wings are an incredible 16-6-3.  That has got to be one of the best records in the league.  So really, who wants to play the Wings when it actually counts in the playoffs?  (Note to Wings players -> it counts right now bitches.  Try winning against one of those bender teams tomorrow…)

  • Big E comes back Thursday.  So who goes down?   To most, the answer is obvious, Doug Janik, who, once his stint with the Wings is over, will return to his position as the East Kentwood High School janitor.  But I don’t think I agree, he’s been serviceable, which is more you can say about Derek Meech.  Meech is terrible at everything.  Take defense for example. Even though he’s only played in about half the games the past three years, he has managed to be a significantly negative player every year he’s played in the NHL (more than 4 games that is).  Hell, even the cup winning year when the Wings had every single player in the top 50 in +/- in the league.  In fact, he’s a -25 in that time. 

    Offensively, he’s actually worse.  Again, even though he’s played in 29 games this year AND had time on the powerplay, he has the same amount of points as Franzen.  Two freaking points. Some guy who’s played 8 games for Toronto named Carl Gunnarsson has 4 points.  Jesus, I bet Howard is near him in points.