Martin’s Wife Trumps Stevie-Y

winged wheel

From the Free Press:

The Detroit Red Wings will keep their coveted “capologist,” as Ryan Martin has decided to stay with the team rather than become an assistant general manager to Steve Yzerman in Tampa Bay.

Not getting this one, Stevie…sorry.  Looks like the old ball and chain had something to do with it:

“I decided last night, and I talked to Steve last night and told him I decided to stay.  It was a difficult decision but also a good decision.  It was an outstanding professional opportunity for me, but at the end of the day, weighing all the professional and personal aspects and the family situation, we felt Detroit a better situation.  My wife has a career here that she really enjoys. It was just a little bit better fit here.”–Ryan Martin

You may have been trying to convince the wrong person….

“Ah, ah, ah…you didn’t say the magic word!”

Stevie-Y: Call Martin’s people…in Cambridge.