Making Fun of OUR Bert?

From The Province (part of the network)…


– For your enjoyment, we present another classic Todd Bertuzzi moment, this one from the Detroit-Nashville game on Saturday night.

It all started when the Red Wings iced the puck and Big Bert, ever the Charlie hustler, got to it first with plenty of time to negate the call. Except he never actually touched it. For some reason, he just tried to shield it with his body. Next thing you knew, the late-arriving Nashville player poked the puck between Bertuzzi’s leg, the whistle blew, the faceoff went back to Detroit’s end, and everyone laughed.

If that Bertuzzi play was a famous movie scene, it would be the one in Tommy Boy where Chris Farley nearly strangles himself with an inflatable life jacket. “He’s a big, dumb animal, isn’t he folks?”

This was a sub-section of an article entitled “Sutter’s Moves Leave Flames Smouldering”.  So I would assume that this was piece to try and cheer Flames fans up?  Too bad that “big, dumb animal” is so far ahead of them in points.

Sure, it was a “what the hell?” moment for all of us Detroit fans, but back off on the “Charlie hustler” crap.  I think it’s pretty well established that Big Bert is playing with more hustle and more defensive play than he has in years.  I would assume this whole Province section was written as a “well at least this happened” because they’re bitter as can be about where they’re likely going to end up come mid-April…the golf course.  Funny that they choose a success story from on of their defectors.

He may be a big, dumb animal.  But he’s OUR big, dumb animal.