Looking Os”good”

With all the commotion regarding Datsyuk’s fight, Val’s goals, little brother’s crying and Howard’s shutout, our boy Ozzie’s strong play on Saturday was somewhat overlooked.  Not only did he put up a win, he managed to make a half dozen or so solid saves in doing it.  He looked much more confident and solid on his feet than last year, moving towards the puck with his body rather than just his extremities.  Here’s Osgood’s comments:

“It feels good,’’ Osgood said. “It was a horrible second half last year. (But) every year is separate. I was really looking forward to coming back this year.

“It’s important to get off to a good start. I got play well, I got to earn my starts, I got to push. That’s essentially what my job is.’’

Good to see that you’ve got your head on straight this year.   We need two solid goaltenders Ozzie, I hope you can continue to be one of them.

And, oh yeah, Bertuzzi added a little something:

“I was jacked for him,’’ Todd Bertuzzi said. “If anyone deserves a win it was him. He’s been working hard and looking really good. He was absolutely sharp tonight, especially on the PK. The PK did a really good job, but I think he was the catalyst behind it.’’

Jacked?  Really ‘tuzzi? Getting a little excited now aren’t we…