Look No Further


From Puck Daddy:

“I think the guideposts are already out there. I think the clubs and the players and the agents all understand what our response has been to certain types of contracts is. And I think every contract is different.”–Bill Daly

That quote was in response to Yahoo! Sports writer Nicholas Cotsonika’s question if the new Kovalchuk contract is submitted and approved, that it would  be the new “bar” set for other contracts.

When Daly talks about how the league has responded to “other contracts” he could of course be talking the Zetterberg and Franzen deals. Those were “okay” in the minds of the NHL…and apparently, they always were.  Daly said that no formal investigation was ever conducted on either contract.  And it should stay that way.

The league continues to look at the contracts offered to Marian Hossa by the Blackhawks, Chris Pronger’s in Philadelphia, Roberto Luongo’s in Vancouver, and Marc Savard’s in Boston.