Lilja Returns, Maltby is Out


Well…we have our answer.  This version is via Khan(!):

The Red Wings will have defenseman Andreas Lilja back on their roster and presumably in the lineup Monday at Colorado, their first game after the Olympic break. But they will not have forward Kirk Maltby for at least the remainder of the regular season because he has opted to have surgery early next week on his chronically sore right shoulder.

So there you have it.  Looks like Jason Williams is staying (for now).  Malts, as expected, is disappointed, but is handling it with class…

“It kind of stinks, not how you want to finish a year, but when you can’t do certain things and play the way you want to play on a consistent basis, it’s something that had to be addressed, whether it was sooner or later.  I ended up playing with it all year. Now that the club’s getting a lot healthier, it’s an easier decision to do it now. 

Hopefully, there’s no surprises when they (operate), which I don’t expect there will be, and just take care of business, get it rehabbed as quick as possible, get back into game shape and hopefully be ready to help the team make a run in the playoffs.”

Now the question becomes; which Lilja will be returning to action?  The one that started to win us over in 2009, or the guy who pretty much cost us the Cup in 2007?