Lidstrom the Great; Happy Played Well?

After being missing longer than Tyler from TTD, lost in all the scuttles of last night’s game was that Jiri “Happy” Hudler actually had a great game.  He was all over the ice all night and, if he keeps this up, is just a step away from breaking out. 

Happy finished the night with 5 shots, third most on the team.  He still is a little hesitant and isn’t expecting the puck to go in the net when he fires it, but I saw almost everything I remember from his days with the team pre-hookers. 

In other news, ESPN has decided that today, finally, is the day to honor the great Nick Lidstrom.  The “sports leader” asked Scotty’s thoughts on TPH and how he compares to the other great defensemen of all time, Bobby Orr & Doug Harvey.  

One final thought from Bowman on Lidstrom’s offensive numbers over the years: “The thing I always said about Nick, for all the points he’s had, his offense has been so good, but the thing that’s always amazed me about him is that very, very seldom have I seen Nick caught up ice. Very seldom does he leave his partner alone.” 

This is a great point. Has Lidstrom ever pinched and got caught, ever?  I think the answer is clear, no.  

And here’s Osgood, who decided that he best be shirtless for this, conducting an interview with Lidstrom.  Pretty good stuff; check it out.