Lidstrom Makes History – Gary Refuses to Acknowledge It

So what does it say about the league management when ESPN gets something right regarding hockey and the NHL just misses the boat completely?  (Hat-tip to D.M.N. for noticing this in the comments below.)

The greatest defensemen of all time scores a hat trick at age forty, something that’s (probably) never happened in the history of the league, and what are the top stories on 

 Notice something that isn’t on there? 

  • Headline #1: 24/7 Pens/Caps – an HBO show that they’ve been promoting forever because of Rosby and Alex “I used to be the best player in the world” Ovechkin of course gets the #1 headline. 
  • Headline #2: Hey look, it’s the Pens again!
  • Headline #3: Hey look, Ovechkin again…and he’s still losing.  See a theme? 
  • Headline #4: The league’s other favorite son, Philly.  At least they’ve consistently had the fan base behind them and haven’t had to tank to get talent. 
  • Headline #5: Oh goody, you can watch the NHL on the iPad! Because if regular computer isn’t pompous enough for you and you have gobs of money laying around, then Gary and Steve have another thing to waste your money on. 
Oh, don’t worry about mentioning the a historic moment since it doesn’t involve your little minions Gary.  No wonder why the fans think the league is biased.