Lidstrom for Hart – A Campaign to Get Behind

Jimmah(!) got screwed on the All-Star ballot, there’s no question.  Apparently your play has absolutely no bearing on getting on the ballet (see e.g., Khabibulin, Niemi, Brodeur etc.)  Puck Daddy wants us to get behind the write in for Jimmah(!) campaign.  A2Y, well, isn’t so hot about it after Gary bending over the Wings two years ago.

I think we should definitely vote for him.  He’s deserving.  But I don’t care enough to make a big deal about it.

However, wandering over to the Brendan Smithsonian Institution, Jeff mentions something I had never thought of:

The fact that Lidstrom has never won a Hart trophy, let alone be nominated for one, is a joke…Lidstrom for Hart 2011.

Yes.  Now this is a campaign I can get behind.  Lidstrom for Hart, 2011.

Nick leads the league in defensive points per game.  He’s consistently been among the league leaders in +/- (though only +4 at the moment, I have no doubt it will change as he’s played with damn near every player on the team so far this year).  Six time Norris Trophy winner.  He’s been the best defensemen on four Stanley Cup winning teams.  Five when #12 comes around oh so soon.

Think about it.  Shouldn’t the best player on league’s best team, who’s also the best leader in the league be the league’s most valuable player?  If he and the Wings continue this pace, I think the answer is obvious.  

No longer will we let Nick be overlooked simply because he’s a defenseman on a great team.  So let’s start it early.  Not just Norris Nick this year:

Lidstrom for Hart, 2011. 

The greatest defenseman of all time deserves it.  Do it.