Let’s Make a Deal?

Khan(!) fired off a post at 9:30 last night.  The article most discusses King Lidas, but the winged_wheellooming Cap situation is also touched on.

Holland said he’s talked “a little bit’’ with potential trade partners as the Red Wings face a Monday deadline to trim at least one player and roughly $700,000 from their roster prior to Johan Franzen’s scheduled return to the lineup Tuesday in St. Louis.

The Red Wings can only acquire a draft pick or future considerations in return. And when teams know you must move a player or two or lose them on waivers, that makes it harder to deal.

“All you can do is call around, get the word out,’’ Holland said.

If he is unable to make a trade, Holland said the only other option is to waive a player or two.

This stuff is imminent, gang.  Someone is moving and moving soon so we can (finally) get the Mule back into the lineup.  I think it’s worth mentioning that if Franzen would wait until after the Olympic Break to return, it would allow Kenny Holland more time to work out a deal so we’re not simply waiving players…just a thought.

Oh and Andreas Lilja is still alive after playing in his first game in nearly a year.  Holland is planning on heading to Grand Rapids to watch him play this weekend.  Conditioning stints only last so long, and a decision about Lilja (even more Cap-related-issues) is coming soon.