From Chicago’s WBBM 780 under the title “Delerium for Blackhawks Fans”…

“They’re such a deep team,” he said, predicting that the Hawks will become perennial contenders, much the way the Detroit Red Wings were for most of the past 25 years. “And for the next decade, having locked up Kane, (Jonathan) Toews and Duncan Keith right there, for the next 10 years, watch out for the Hawks.”

The quotes in there are from Murph DiMaria…who’s an alleged lifelong Hawks fan at 32 years of age.  Well…at least they got the title of the article right.

Chicago is a model of un-sustainable success.  Dale Tallon was a master of signing over-hyped players to overly large contracts.  And it’s going to take a big, wet bite out of that team’s ass come July 1st.

We’ll see what happens next season…but I’m guessing there’s going to be a lot of empty seats on the Blackhawks bandwagon.