Kronwall Out Tonight

From the Detroit News this morning…

“He got slew-footed early in the game.  He left the game (in the third period) and that’s not a good sign. He won’t play (tonight against Anaheim).”–Mike Babcock

So it’s looking like the Big Rig will be suiting up again.  It would have been hard to take Meech out anyway, based on the fact that he scored the game-winning-goal last night. 

But the main reason (we think) that Ericsson was a scratch last night was due to his turnovers in the defensive zone.  Kronwall is extremely careful with the critical first pass, so we’re essentially taking out a player who’s good at it, and replacing him with someone who’s good at screwing it up.

We’ll need all of the 6’5 defender tonight, as the Ducks always play a rough and tumble game.  Though their average team size did decrease a little when they brought Jason Blake into the fold from Toronto.