Kris Finds God…

…and by “find”, I mean previews.  And by “God”, I of course mean Darren Helm.  Kris from Snipe Snipe, Dangle Dangle decided to preview The Namesake over at her blog.

Going into it, I was assuming that she treaded lightly considering we here have our blog name dedicated to the man…though she failed to mention that she was going to be doing this prior.  I feel slighted.  Anyway…here’s what Kris had to say:


2009-2010 Regular Season: 75 GP, 11-13-24, +/- -2, 18 PIM
2010 Playoffs: 12 GP, 1-0-1, +/- -4, 4 PIM

Season Highlight: His pair of shorthanded goals on New Year’s Eve.

Sully actually was texting me during this game…the crazy bastard was in Detroit (and I was, ironically, in Phoenix) all by himself at the game.  I had to sever our conversation though because I was preparing to propose to the Future Mrs. Nightmare On Helm Street.  So…sadly, because I was in Phoenix at the time, I didn’t even get to witness what Kris consideres The Namesake’s season highlight.

Season Lowlight: His “wake-up call” benching

She’ll explain this a little more in a second…

Helm didn’t exactly get off to the start we expected of him last season as he injured his shoulder during training camp. He didn’t miss much time, but seemed to struggle out of the gate, even ending up as a healthy scratch in October. Once lined up with Draper and Eaves, he picked things up and provided the solid, speedy two-way play that the Wings were looking for.

Yep.  I flew all the way out to Stockholm and the player I named this site after had to go an get himself injured just days before the trip…typical.  I do remember Helm getting sat down and having “an opportunity to watch”.  And of course, I postedmy thoughts on the matter (remember this was still pretty much when I was getting started).  But…all’s well that ends well.  Helm was put with Draper and Eaves to form the “Little Red Corvette” line and they all lived happily ever after until the second round of this year’s play-offs.


Kris finishes on this note:

If there’s one thing Helm needs to work on this season, it’s his ability to finish. His speed seems to give him countless breakaways which almost inevitably end with him shooting the puck right into the logo on the goalie’s chest. If he can ever figure that out, he’ll score a bunch of goals. Aside from that, he contributes strong defensive play and checking. His speed and tenacity pressure opponents into making mistakes and he has a knack for crating turnovers and digging the puck out from the boards.

What he needs to do to make me smile: Cut out the whole Donut Goalie thing.

Alright, hold the phone…countless breakaways?  And did he almost always shoot it right into the logo?  Come on, Kris.  I personally hate it when bloggers call each other out…but you had to know I was going to challenge you on this one.  Helm may not have the best finishing touch in the game, but I don’t ever seem to remember him hitting the goalie in the chest on a breakaway.  Of course his wheels are going to give me a lot of chances to break in all alone….but those goalies are cheaters!  If you can provide video proof (shouldn’t be hard since they were countless…*wink*) of Helm firing a puck into the chest of a goalie on a breakaway, then I’ll extend a formal apology.  Until then…you and I are fighting.