Kidney Loves Playing in the East

Sidney Crosby is sure taking advantage of playing in the Leastern Conference. Here’s a snap shot of the league leaders right now in a few categories…

Well look at that, Crosby racking up the points? Who would have guessed? But if Sidney the Kidney would happen to look at the top right corner, he would see the bane of his existence, Henrik Zetterberg. Oh, of course, Rosby would never admit that Hank owns him lock, stock, and barrel, but we all know who dominates that match-up.


So go ahead and get your points now, Thid. Because if it’s a rubber match in the Finals? You’re going to want to have your points stockpiled because you’re going to get neutered…again. And now that Malkin already got away with one attempt to accost Z at the end of the game, he won’t get away with it this time.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

BUT…before we move on, I’d just like to point out that Zetterberg has 4 goals (+1 empty netter) against a Vezina finalist who plays for a sound defensive team. You have four goals against a rookie goalie who plays for one of two teams that finished out of the top half defensively. The other team that had a bottom-half ranked defense? Oh that’s right…it was YOU.