Kick ‘Em When Their Down: Throwing Water on the Flames

While I couldn’t find a liveblog for the Calgary game, the forum posts and next day comments had one thing in common:

Whining.  And lot of it.

Everything about this game was about the refs to the fans of this losing team.  Nevermind the fact that they gave up a two goal lead with 10 minutes left.

Bah, if you sneeze in the vicinity of a Red Wing in the Joe you get 2min.

by Parallex

Well you should cover your mouth you disrespectful Canuck.

Yup, the Joe is the only place on earth where Bert draws a penalty on that instead of getting it called on him.

by Parallex

Really? Because Bertuzzi gets more reputation calls than anyone else in the league.  This year, he’s getting the calls because he’s working hard.  You should tell Bouwmeester to try it. 

(This is the) 2nd worst day in my memory, that’s for sure.

by Justin Azevedo

Really?  A regular season overtime loss?  Either you’ve had a great life or you set your standards wayyyy too low.

I do have to question the refs for giving a PP with less than 2 minutes remaining, unless it was some blatantly obvious call that would have been a travesty NOT to call…Flames really needed the two points. As if the Wings needed the win, all it does is help them inflate their egos.

by Icedragon

So the refs should be handing out penalties based on who needs the points more?  I don’t think you can find a much more obvious penalty that J-Bo took there…if that’s not a penalty, then Bertuzzi should have only got two minutes for the Steve Moore incident. 

By the way, who has an ego on the Wings?

There are not words for how angry I am with the referees right now.  This is bushleague.

By Codes

Shouldn’t you be angry with the fact that Calgary didn’t get a shot in the last twelve or so minutes of the game?  No, that’d make too much sense.

This guy got it right though.

Damnit..we played a pretty solid game, but these Wings are just that good.

by puckluck

Damn straight.