Kick ‘Em When Their Down: Oilers Edition

First, an announcement: Drew should be returning with his 24 posts per hour sometime this week from his new station up in Chicagoland.

So in honor of this, I thought I’d bring back one of my favorite Drew mainstays and check out the opposing team’s blogs the day after we beat the hell out of them.

The Copper & Blue

Talking about Ericsson’s fight with Brule, when the linesman jumped on Big E and allowed Brule to punch him in the face.  Apparently Derek Zona shroomed it up beforehand because he apparently saw the exact opposite:

Tonight he jumped on Gilbert Brule after Brule was jumped by Jonathan EricssonEricsson was able to throw punches at a surprised Brule until Brule got his feet under him and was set to fight…only to have Henderson jump him.

And did this happen?

In the second period, after Brad Stuart charged Ales Hemsky and wasn’t called, Ryan Whitney jumped him, only to have Henderson dive on top of him, allowing Stuart unfettered access to Whitney’s face.

Calling that charging just makes a bigger crybaby than that crazy over-tanned manbearpig Snooki, (seriously, that’s charging? I laugh at you) but I sort of see what he’s saying about the linesman jumping in a little early there.  However, that’s nothing like the neutering the linesman gave to Ericsson.

From the comments (from last night):

by dawgbone98: It’s not Detroit that I dislike, it’s the absolute willingness of the referees to blatantly side with them on every close call.

by Bruce McCurdy: This drives me nuts too. The linesmen are just as bad as the refs. If it’s a close call on the Detroit side of things, well it’s the Wings, they know what they’re doing, couldn’t possibly have been offside could it? But if it’s the other guys, tweet! I looked at a couple of offside calls on the PVR last night and the Oil got the short end of the stick for sure.

by thenorthernlightIsn’t that the truth. It’s like there is a completely different set of rules for Detroit. There always has been, It’s incredibly frustrating as a fan.

More crying from fans of a terrible, terrible team.  Our team is led by Nick Lidstrom, the true gentleman of the game.  Yours is led by overweight douche Dustin Penner.  The Oilers average  Yet the PP were 7-6 in favor of Detroit last night.  Real obvious bias there, Edmonton fans.

by Benjamin MasseyI can take my pick of penalties that Stuart should have taken for that hit on Hemsky. I can’t pick between interference, charging, and roughing.

Sure you can.  And I can take my pick of ways to call you a moron.   Seriously, I’ve never seen so much whining (and Detroit fans are guilty of this sometimes too) but this is a new level.

Datsyuk drove em nuts though:

by thenorthernlight: How many times will Datsyuk bat the puck out of the air for a two on one? Come boys!!!!

Their live blog though ends with a doozy.

by Benjamin MasseySometimes I feel like we’re the only sane people in the hockey world.

Don’t they say the insane all think their sane? We’ll you’d have to be insane to be an Oilers fan…