Kick ‘Em When Their Down: Not So Bitter Blue Jackets Edition

Klesla commended Jimmah on his strong form after this shot. 

It’s interesting when we play the Jackets and look at opposing fansites.  Rather than the unbridled hate like when we play the oh so Bitter Blues or the whiny crybabies from Calgary, we get something different, and deserving…respect. (From Jackets Cannon.)

CBJ kinda put themselves in a corner with those new jerseys, seeing as they scheduled 4 of their allowed 15 games against Detroit. With performances like we’ve seen in the first two games against the Wings, can the fan base not be blamed for thinking that they’re cursed?
by Dark Blue Jacket

These two game tell me one thing. We just arent as good as Detroit. There is nothing wrong with that, its ok. We both played top of our games and they are just better. No big deal. 
by cbjfan14 

The Wings like to match up Franzen/Bertuzzi + Lidstrom on the Nash line. Two big forwards he can’t push around on the boards or down low, and Lidstrom is.. well.. Lidstrom.
by Brion

Not everyone was that respectful though…some comments were just stupid, as usual. 

Detroit gets minimal credit for that PK – CBJ simply ruined that chance. When you can’t enter the zone 5-on-3 you don’t deserve a win.
by zekebud

Wait, wasn’t it Detroit that prevented the BJ’s from entering the zone?  Unless that blueline got meaner since I last played, I think it had to be.  

Let’s finish off this very kind version of KEWTD with some Wings love…

Now, call me blasphemous, but I cannot hate the Wings. I watched them before there even was a Jackets team. I still have Fat-head posters of Feds and Shanny in my room. I still regard them as second favorites, and will more than happily root for them in the playoffs (so long as it’s not us they’re playing, damn ‘09 playoffs), However, I will always root for us over them. Often times I won’t participate in any Wing bashing, because, well, I regard Detroit as an ally. Sorry Columbus, it’s hard here in Cleveland, and Detroit isn’t much different. So, please forgive my treacherous semi-allegiance to a Michigan squad…
by Heavysoviet

Every team should be so respectful to the greatest franchise around.