Kick ‘Em When Their Down: Gettin’ Wild

The Wings just toyed with a weak Minnesota team and their fans’ hearts last night.  So why don’t we take a look at our sobbing friends’ reaction over at Pinky’s house: Hockey Wilderness.  

Wild look like a peewee team compared to the Wings.
by taralynn09

Come on…I like to think we at least look like Bantam B’s.
by RAU

These fans know the only way to get through the hard times is to laugh at yourself. 

So… does anyone have anything better to do? You know, like cut your own skin off with a spoon?
by BReynolds

Always the funny guy that Pinky.

Never Underestimate Holmstrom.  He is much more than an annoying screener.
by MMcAlister

You are so right MMcAlister.  If he could skate better than the chimp in MVP, he would be a top scorer in the league.  Luckly for other teams, he can’t. 

There wasn’t much activity going on anywhere in the Wild blogosphere last night, so that’s all we got.  But here’s an interesting fact about the Wild thrown out after Howard’s shutout was ruined:

Burns’ goal was his 10th.  Not a fan of a defenseman leading the team in goals. But that’s just me
by nathaneide

That much really suck to have Brent Burns be your leading goal scorer and only goal scoring threat. 

You know, I was thinking about it yesterday, the Wild should be a lot like the Wings-great fan support, a cold mid-western city that lives and breathes hockey-yet they have consistently been a boring, nameless team that can’t hang on to their superstars even with max contracts being offered to them. 

So why the difference?  The original six part helps, but this is a perfect example of how management and ownership really direct a team.  While Detroit’s had the best, Minnesota’s situtation has been weak at best.  The results have been obvious. 

So thanks again, Mr. Ilitch, for just being you.

Just a note: It’s offical, Osgood is starting tonight against the Avs.  Let’s get this 400th win shenanigan over with finally, eh Wings?