Keep Picking on Phoenix

Anyone who listens to XM 204 or whatever the Sirius counterpart station is should be like me…extremely tired of hearing about what a great atmosphere it was in Phoenix for Wednesday’s game.

Was it?  Was it really?  I think I would equate the level of excitement to probably a regular season game in Montreal, Chicago, or Madison Square Gardens.  Yeah, everyone was handed a free t-shirt, big whoop.  The resounding opinion of my readers state that we don’t want the free t-shirts at the Joe…we’re happy with the jerseys that we actually purchased, thank you very much.

So they sold out 5 (probably 6 including tonight) games in a row, and we’re supposed to wet ourselves with excitement?  The Minnesota Wild have sold out every game in franchise history…didn’t have to make the play-offs (obviously) to accomplish that.  But we keep pandering towards the desert folk like their the Special Olympics of fandom.

“Oh look at what you did!  Good for you!  Who’s a special guy?  You, that’s right!”

And then, they have the audacity to open their stupid mouths:

“I’m hoping the Coyotes win the Stanley Cup.  That’ll make it 18 years in a row that a Canadian team has not won a Stanley Cup.   Instead of ‘Make It Seven, you can make it zero. Maybe (your Canadian teams) need to come here. Quit picking on us, you guys aren’t winning either.”

That’s from a tailgating fan before Game 1.  Are you kidding me, bro?  So you got on wikipedia and looked at the history of Stanley Cup winners…big deal.  Then you go and call-out Canada for not having a winning team.  How many players on the Coyotes are from the state of Arizona?


Why the hell is everyone drinking Gary’s Kool-Aid on this one?