Just an Idea – Modano to the Wings

According to TSN, Livonia native Mike Modano still wants to play hockey, but the team he’s played for for the past 20 years isn’t interested in having him back.

This leads me to two thoughts:

  1. Can you imagine the Wings not having Stevie-Y back if the Captain wanted to play back a few years ago?  Hell, even now?  He is Dallas’ Yzerman. That’s a joke in itself. 
  2. Modano finishing out his career in Motown actually makes a lot of sense.

Modano’s still a solid player, putting up 30 points in 59 games with a terrible Dallas team last season.   I saw him play twice and he still looked like one of the best on the ice.  He’s a hard worker that would fit in well in a third line role.

Moneywise he’d have accept damn near an entry level contract, as the Wings have zero to spare.  But would you rather have a Miller or a Modano on that third line?  Suddenly line three looks like this:

Hudler – Modano – Cleary.

That’s a scary third line. And he’s looking for a team that will contend.  That plus the fact the Wings are his hometown team maybe makes it possible.

Yeah, it would be hard to work I know, but I love it.