Just a Small Town Girl

Hey gang,

Sorry I’m late to the party today.  I went and skated at Joe Louis this morning for the first time in weeks and then I had a conference call as soon as I got to the office.  It’s been a busy past 12 hours for me, with a men’s league game at 10 PM last night, coming straight home to catch the third period and our glorious victory, only to wake up about 5 hours later to drive downtown, play hockey, shower and drive all the way back to work just in time to catch my meeting.

But what a glorious victory we had last night.  There isn’t one other player in the world that can do what Tomas Holmstrom does.  He learned a lot from Dino, but in generations to come, #96 will always be regarded as the best there is, the best there was, and probably the best there ever will be.

That’s not what I’d normally call a beautiful thing, but damn it feels good to have some breathing room.  The Wings don’t play again until Friday, and I’d be shocked if Osgood doesn’t get the start against the lowly Edmonton Oilers considering the back-to-back games this weekend.  Start Ozzie on Friday, play Jimmy on Saturday to get him ready for the Penguins on Monday.

Let’s keep this train rolling.