Joke of the Day: Still Phoenix

From the Arizona Republic:

“I don’t think it’s going to be as good as our crowds, as loud, but we’re used to it,” he said. “The guys have obviously been in buildings that

are very loud, and this isn’t going to be the loudest one we’re going to have to deal with.”–Wojtek Wolski talking about the crowd at JLA today.

Maybe these guys think they can get away with saying stuff like this because really, who reads the Arizona Republic for news on the Phoenix Coyotes?

Not as good as your 28th ranked attendance eh, Wolski?  What a tool.  It really amazes me how cocky and arrogant not only the Phoenix “faithful” are,

but the players too?


Sit back an enjoy the game…it’s going to be a wild ride.  I’m leaving in about an hour to get down there and tailgate before hand.  And after reading Sully’s story,

I think I might just do a little extra to make the Phoenix Coyotes and any fans (if they have any) extra welcome in my building.


Skate to throat.