Jim Nill to be on WXOU

Jim Nill has agreed to a radio interview on The Corner Pocket show on WXOU – Oakland University’s student-run radio station, broadcasting at 88.3 FM, and worldwide at www.wxou.org.

The interview will take place somewhere during the show’s regular two hour time slot between 6 and 9 PM on Monday, September 20th.

Why am I telling you about this?  Because Matt Pocket, Sports Director at WXOU e-mailed me to tell me about it.  Apparently, he thinks we’re big time enough around here to give us breaking news before it actually happens.  Awesome.

Matt is admittedly a NOHS reader/fan and I obviously love to help out in any way that I can.  I wanted to since this little heads-up out now before Matt’s e-mail gets buried, but I’ll try and set a reminder to tell you guys about it again on the 20th.

Matt was also gracious enough to invite me to submit some questions to Mr. Nill that may or may not actually be posed to him on the air. So…I figured ‘why not open it up to you guys too?’

You got questions for Mr. Nill?  Let’s hear them.  I’ll collect what I think are the best ones and submit them to Mr. Pocket before the interview.  Then tune in on your radio (or computer) and listen in on the 20th.  Sound like fun?  I think so.

So come on, guys – what have you got?