Jimmah for President of Space (TM – Babcock’s Death Stare)

Updated at 2:54 with Bertuzzi Reactions

A few notes:

  • Last night’s game against the Pens was the highest rated regular season game ever on Versus. (Per NHL Live.)  Pretty cool.
  • Jimmy might have entered the hearts of all Michiganders last night, doing something we’ve all wanted to do, slug the little punk in the face. 

    “We were battling and then after the whistle, Howie came and rescued me,’’ Zetterberg said. (MLive)  Awesome.

  • There’s already an Facebook page for this.  Who’s a fan of “Jimmy Howard Punching Sidney Crosby in the Face?”  I would say I’m a fan.
  • I think this makes Jimmy the clear #1 Calder trophy leader.   Noone else in the running is even a clear player you’d want on a Fantasy Hockey team, which obviously is the way the award should be picked. Jimmy is owned in 76% of leagues.  Myers is owned in 56% of leagues.  That bender on Colorado (ok, he’s good…but not Jimmah good) is only 32%.  Clearly the Calder goes to Jimmah.
  • Dangle Dangle was great last night, but still, he could have had one or two more if he shot the puck once or twice. 
  • Lil-ja has been awesomely invisible since he came back.  Seriously, he’s been great.  If I had no idea he played in the game, that’s a win.
  • Meech, well, looked like an NHL forward last nght.  It was strange.
  • Hey Bertuzzi haters…you’ve been right for the past month.  He’s sucked.  But give the man credit when it’s due.  He absolutely was on his game last night (and for part of the game the night before) and when he is, he’s really dominate.  We want that, remember, he’s a Wing and has done everything and said everything right this year.  It seems like the team likes him and for 1.5, he’s been great.  If we can get him for that amount again next year, then no question, that’s a go. 

    UPDATE (2:54) – #1 Bertuzzi hater of all bloggers (maybe tied with Tyler of the TTD),

    “Todd Bertuzzi played a hell of a hockey game tonight. I’m man enough to admit when he has a good game, it’d be really swell if you can own up to when he has a shitty game (ya know, like 65 of the other ones). He made great defensive plays, he stayed on his feet all night, he went to the net hard, he stuck up for his teammates, he took smart shots, he set up plays. That was a hell of a hockey game for Shetuzz’.”

    Wow, that’s quite the compliment to the Tuzzi.  It makes me a little woozy.  Still, good for some haters to man up and realize that he isn’t the devil.  Isn’t it funny how this is the one thing that divides the fan-base this year? 

  • Also, Williams has been really underappreciated this year.   I’m really liking him.   I’d rather have him at 1.5, scoring 15 per year than Sammy scoring 30 at 2 million a year.  There is something about Sammy that just kills me, still.  Maybe it’s his donkey face.  I don’t know.
  • When did the standings get so f’ed up?   The Yotes in 2nd?  We are one game behind Colorado now?  Nashville played like a dozen games this weekend?   Still, I like it.  
  • Hey Kyle from BDS, you royality check is on the way.