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At least the Spam guys are getting a little more creative…but come on.  It’s just like that stupid Vortex bottle from Miller Lite – we all know that thing is completely pointless right?  Marketing people really think we’re stupid…they’re at the wrong hockey blog.

It’s time to get this slide stopped.  Look, we all know that teams are going to have ups (Pittsburgh winning 12 in a row) and downs (Washington losing 8 in a row)…so going 4-4-2 in our last ten games (in the Western Conference, mind you) isn’t all that terrible.

With Dallas beating Montreal last night, they take ownership of the top spot in the West.  They have, however, played two more games than Detroit.  Vancouver comes into town tonight riding a four game winning streak after beating St. Louis on Monday.  At least we don’t have to play another team playing back-to-back nights because that whole “these guys should be out of gas” notion never seems to pan out.  Plus, it’s always better to play a team that is content in the way that they are playing, in my opinion, than it is to play against a team that is angry and hungry.

Here’s the lineup for tonight’s game, according to Khan(!):



Hudler-Filppula-Abdelkader (Draper working in)


stuartsnapeI seem to remember Hudler playing with Val back in 2008-2009 when he had 24 goals and 57 points.  Maybe Val’s flowing locks will be the catalyst to wake Happy from his slumber.  And remember, people – Hudler only has one less point than The Namesake…(stupid empty net).

Stuart sat out of a practice but should be good to go.  Brad “Professor Snape” Stuart was at it again against Dallas as own goals on against the Wings always seem to come off of him for some reason.  Regardless, missing Stuart would be a big blow to our defensive corps.  Luckily, we don’t have to worry about that.

Game starts at 7:30 PM EST tonight.