It Starts Tonight (for Some Reason)


OK, I get it…we’re not supposed to be surprised that we have only one day off between the first round and the second round.  I get the fact that the stupid Eagles are playing HP Pavilion on Friday and Saturday and you obviously can’t do both on the same day.

So why are Chicago and Vancouver playing their Game 1 on Saturday?

Did Chicago work out some deal with the NHL to get more rest?  Check this out:

  • April 11th – Last day of the season, Detroit and Chicago play each other
  • April 14th – Detroit plays Phoenix in Game 1
  • April 16th – Chicago plays Nashville in Game 1 (Detroit plays Phoenix in Game 2)

You following me so far?  Detroit played on Sunday and then Wednesday, Chicago played Sunday and then not again until Friday…an extra two days off.

  • April 26th – Chicago eliminates Nashville in Game 6
  • April 27th – Detroit eliminates Phoenix in Game 7
  • April 29th – Detroit plays San Jose in Game 1
  • May 1st – Chicago plays Vancouver in Game 1

So their First Round Series ended a day earlier and their Second Round Series begins two days later…an extra 3 days off.

So why doesn’t the Detroit/San Jose series start on Sunday?  I know that Detroit certainly isn’t going to complain about the short downtime between series (for the moment, anyway), but it’s puzzling to me why they would choose to make Detroit play 2 days after a Game 7 when they could just wait until Sunday.  Five days off?  You gave it to Chicago before the start of the play-offs…why not give it to us now?

I don’t think this is going to make or break the series…I’m just wondering what the hell is going on with the scheduling.  Chicago has played one less game and yet has somehow accrued five more days of rest, and we’re only through the first round.  Something stinks.