And the Winner Is…

So before we have any more technical difficulties with the Bloguin Network (I’m sorry, but it looks like most of the comments from yesterday are gone)…let’s end the ‘I See 43’ contest by announcing the winner and first and second runner-ups…

2nd Runner-Up: Herm from Red Wings Brazil….

That’s a 43 and Detroit written on a bus in Brasil. Here’s how (according to Herm’s e-mail):

My city is called the “Brazilian Detroit” because of the car industries, and we have a “bairro” (sub-district, maybe?) called Detroit. There’s a bus that goes to that place, and you know what’s the route number.

This would have been the winner – hands down, no contest – but Herm didn’t submit it until well after the contest was over…so that wouldn’t be very fair.

2nd Runner-Up: Beanie


What you can’t really see is that the liscence plate says: AMB 430

Crazy thing about it is that AMB just happens to my initials…sitting right there, in Australia…next to the number 43. Awesome.

Winner: Ben Pearson


Nice lid…Darren “Danger” Helm? How could I have not heard about it if they were making hats already? Here’s how (according to Ben):

Included is a picture of my custom stiched “DANGER 43” Red Wings hat that I wear everyday. Can’t afford a jersey yet.

Is a custom job considered cheating? I don’t think so…and since it’s my contest, that’s really all that matters. Hey Ben, would you make me one that has “NIGHTMARE” on the side?

There you have it, folks. Congratulations, Ben. Send me your mailing address so I can get you your prize.