Into the Wild

Tonight we play the Minnesota Wild.  And what better way to preface such a game, than to take you down a link-driven trip down memory lane?

Remember Pinky?  Do You?  Here’s the little piece from Hockey Wilderness that started it all…

Anyone Else a Little Bored?

That brought on 221 hate-filled comments between many of The 19 from Abel to Yzerman and self-proclaimed “Buddha” hereto known as “Pinky”.  Better yet, this guy…


Well, true to form, the Chief wasn’t exactly going to take an attack lying down.  He brought us the glorious little rebuttal here…

Awww….SBN Gave Me A Birthday Present

Go ahead and chew on his words for a while.  He may not have credentials, access, or a journalism degree, but the CPO has a PHD in handing hostile bloggers with nothing better to do.

So I put my own little post together summarizing the (then?) on-going feud while adding some of my own thoughts.  This post has become one of the most read NOHS posts to this day…

Bored? Go Poke a Dog with a Stick

Pinky, not willing to admit defeat, tried to salvage his already damaged ego by posting yet another attack on the Chief and his readers here…

In Defense of the Caveman

Well 80+ comments later and Pinky gets very upset when a couple Red Wings fans catch wind of one of his personal pages and take the fight up a notch…guerrilla style.

Pinky went so far, or so he said, to contact the local Police Department.  Here’s a comment that he left on A2Y:

The comments left by this person have been forwarded to the local PD, and they are aware of the situation. Keep my personal life, and my family out of this.

And at last…the white flag was raised:


That isn’t quite the end of the story.  Nathan, who runs “Hockey Wilderness” finally decided to respond to an e-mail that I sent him when I linked the site from the “Other NHL Blogs” drop-down menu below.  I don’t think he was aware that I was an active participant in the discussion with Pinky, but he asked what my take on it was.

Last week was interesting to say the least.  I must say that things definitely got a bit out of hand.  For me personally, when your writer started taking shots not at the commenters, but at the city of Detroit and the economic plight that we are facing right now, is when I tuned out The Hockey Wilderness and even decided to find a new Minnesota Wild blog to link to my site.
I understand that your “Buddha” was provoked and personally attacked, but I cannot help what other people say to your writer, and yet I, and every other reader who came across such disgusting remarks, were affected when “Buddha” took pot shots at our home.
I found it strangely ironic that only days after writing about professionalism amongst bloggers that he would actually post (not in the comment section, but an actual article) making fun people in this state that are suffering.  I found it extremely distasteful.  So has it changed my opinion of the site in general?  Yes it has.  Though I have read his apology and can appreciate it, it’s obviously hard for me, as a Red Wings fan and native of the state of Michigan to recommend what readers I have over to a site that has showed such a level of animosity towards them.

I probably could have just e-mailed him a picture of a raised middle finger.  But hey, I try and be cordial…sometimes, anyway.

If I know the Chief, this fight is far from over.  Stay tuned.  But in the meantime, if you have time, please feel free to go back and revisit some of what went on back in December.

Do that, and tell me there isn’t a little part of you that want the Wings to win tonight even more.