Injury Status Update

So after a ridiculous comeback last night, there was some bad news. 

Dan Cleary, Big E (or, as I saw in the A2Y comments last night, my new favorite nickname for him: “E52”) and Johan Franzen all suffered injuries last night.  How bad were they? 

Well the Mule was just a friendly fire scratch from our Unibomber, so for anyone else they would just shake it off.  But with Mule’s history, it could be a career ending injury.  Good news is that he returned and is fine.

E52 took a shot early on in the game on the skate.  He left for a while but returned later in the game.  Per Sipple:

“At first it didn’t want to get better the first couple minutes,” said Ericsson. X-rays revealed no damage.

Dan Cleary, our lucky Irishman, wasn’t so lucky.  He went into the boards funny and didn’t return.  Today’s update doesn’t look much better.

Coach Mike Babcock said the team would have today off, and Cleary would be evaluated.

Hopefully he’s alright.  He’s a main part of the soul of this team. 

Edit:   Modano’s apparently alright as well.  He took a big hit at the end of the game, but was out there celebrating the win with everyone else.