I Like Beating Dead Horses

…Especially when there’s this stupid time difference and our beat writers haven’t even hit the snooze button for the first time yet.  Let’s look at this little fun stat I found at ESPN:

So we beat them in Home Attendance by oh….a little over a quarter million people (290,000+).  And all along they were ahead of in the Standings.  But wait, Gary said that if the team was successful, the people would come.


I guess Pinky wasn’t a big attraction.

The New Jersey Nets had a better average attendance this year. 

Wisconsin’s Division 1 Men’s NCAA hockey team finished ahead of the ‘Yotes with 15,048 people attending home games on average.

North Dakota’s Division 1 Men’s NCAA hockey team finished just under the Coyote’s in average attendance with 11,654 (only 335 people short).  The difference?  ND’s capacity is 11,500.

Pathetic.  So once again, can we please stop hearing about the “great crowds” in Phoenix?  I know that they have consecutive sell outs….I don’t care.