I Hate West Coast Trips

10:30 PM start times are unconscionable.  So it’s 7:30 for those who live in Anaheim…we all have to suffer?  Also, the news from our beat writers is slow.  Okay, so it’s always slow going from our writers, but when the team is on the left coast, it’s nearly non-existent.


At least the Mule is back on the ice practicing for the first time.  Chris McCosky provided us with this from detnews.com

“I am just trying to do more stuff.  I did some stopping and turning. It felt pretty good. It’s just about how I feel every day. It’s still up and down with how much soreness there is, so I have to be careful.” –Johan Franzen

winged_wheelAll of the injured Detroit players aside from Kronwall participated in practice today (I don’t know if that includes Lilja).  Williams skated in warm-ups.  Cleary and Zetterberg ran full practices, though it seems that Danny-boy is feeling a lot better than Hank, who is still experiencing some soreness.

Ericsson continues to push himself in practice.  Though no date is set for his return, I couldn’t rob you of this quote from Babcock when asked about the Big Rig:

“Jonny doesn’t think he’s (ready) any time soon? He’s just out here shopping, looking for a house on the beach or something?”

I can’t wait to start getting more players back.  The Wings have two more late games ahead of them (LA on Thursday, SJ on Saturday) before having to stop in New York to face the Islanders to wrap up this road trip.

That’s five games in 3 different time zones in ten days…thank you, Mr. Schedule Maker.