Howard’s Kryptonite

The Oilers have really been Howard’s bane of existence since he got into the league last season.

Here’s his career stats:

Record: 43-20-11 GAA: 2.29 SA%: 92.2

Here’s his career stats against the Oil:

Record: 1-1-2 GAA: 3.75 SA%: 87.5

87.5%?  3.75? Those are Osgood numbers. In his defense, those numbers mostly came in the first half of last year when it was totally fine for a fan to take a dump on his porch and kick his cat, because seriously, he deserved it.  But still, when a team has your number, it’s hard to shake. Right Turco?

(Knocks on wood.)  Make me look like an ass tonight Jimmah(!).

And, oh yeah, Hudler is playing tonight, Babcock’s no liar.

“I got to get Huds back in the lineup, he’s too good a player and I need him,” Babcock said. “But everyone’s played good, so what do I do? That’s why I got the afternoon to figure it out.’

Not a liar, but English isn’t his first skill, obviously.  Khan thinks Eaves or Miller will sit and I have to agree.

So here’s your chance Happy, go get ’em.