Howard Takes the Blame

From Khan(!) yesterday following Saturday’s meltdown to the LA Kings…winged_wheel

“It’s tough. I take a lot of the blame for it.  I didn’t think I had my best outing. I was very disappointed in how I played. You learn from your mistakes and now I have to rebound from it.’’–Jimmy Howard

Do you feel better about a goalie getting down on himself, or would you rather hear them say stuff like, “I felt good out there” as Ozzie tends to do following a bad game.

That Frolov goal never should have happened.  I know it, you know it, and most importantly, Jimmy knows it:

“I tried to play it before I even stopped it. Just a dumb mistake on my part.  I should have stopped it and got control of it. As I went to play it, it just went off my stick.’’

Without that goal, I guarantee you we win that game.  We’d only be 7 points behind the Kings and we’d have a play-off spot presently.  But we did lose that game, we’re now 11 points behind the Kings and we’re not in a play-off spot right now.

So who gets the start tomorrow in St. Louis?